How It Works

Re-usable Greeting Cards


  • 1. Purchase a Hans Card (available at and selected online retailers and stores) delivered to you or directly to your receipients. You can pick a photo from your photo library or select one of our many original card designs for almost any occasion.
  • 2. Delivery
    • A. To A Sender

      Upon receiving the card, activate it via your mobile device either by tapping it (NFC enabled device), or scanning a QR code qith QR code reader app, or entering CARD ID shown on the card.

    • B. To The Receipient

      If sending it directly to your recepient, select the desired card, and proceed to step 3.

  • 3. Compose your message and enter receipient info. You may attach gifts (card or money), photo, video, and private message (requires a recepient's email or recepient's text-capable cell phone number).
  • 4. Mail It. You can mail it or we mail it for you if the delivery chosen is to the receipient.


To read the card, receipient may either tap it with NFC enabled device, or scan a QR code with QR code reader app, or enter CARD ID shown on the card at or hans cards app. If private message or gifts are enclosed, he/she will receive an email or a text message upon reading the card. Gifts (card or money) are redeemable on the sender's chosen institution and not at


Upon reading the card, the receipient has an option to re-send the same card by composing a new message and entering a new receipient by following the same steps above in sending a card. Previous messages and attachments are stored on the card's history cloud server for memory-sake that is forever viewable to the sender and receipient.

Become a legend, pass the greetings over to many generations.